Planning a party and being an Event Planner- the difference.

Planning a party and being an Event Planner- the difference.

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You know that person in your family that always has a solution for every illness you may be suffering? The one that everybody calls “Dr.Whatever” just for the naturality of it, But in reality, they are everything else BUT a doctor. Because they didn’t spend years in college and practice and residencies learning about medicine. They simply like to read and have subscriptions to a few blogs of the topic and proudly display their “knowledge” and even fight about diagnostics and cures with REAL doctors…

Well, anyone can throw a party.

BUT, not everyone will have the certifications, insurance, and contacts to make it secure, successful, and amazing. Those who take the job of a planner seriously will invest in their education, networking, and certifications to ensure everything goes as planned and according to regulations and will make sure to exceed your expectations. You may relax the day of your wedding (or event) if it’s in the hand of a professional.
We will have on hand everything needed to avoid or fix any issue. The contingency plan will be sharp and our resources will provide a better arraign of opportunities for you.

Do your homework with diligence. Ask about previous events and certifications. Ask questions about how they handled difficult situations?
There are many options in the industry and many levels of expertise. Find your match setting up interviews and having confidence in the process. Don’t just look into quotes, but remember, time is money, and experience and knowledge have a higher value.

I am a certified event planner in Puerto Rico and I love what I do.


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