L O V E road (part 1)

L O V E road (part 1)

February 20, 2021 Uncategorized 0

In between the coziness of the mountains and the cold weather inviting us to stay close we celebrated OUR 15th year anniversary.

A long time ago we took a leap of faith without knowing the consequences: LOVE would keep us together longer than expected.

We were not planning on having a long-time relationship at that moment, but that is the thing about love, you do not choose: You just FEEL.

And when it feels right you continue, exploring the roads, paving the way, looking around, and figuring out where to go next.

WE decided to stay together, to mix our families, to travel around the island with our kids, to create memories here and out and our individual families became one, by choice. (we are 7)

2.16.21 @El Pretexto, Cayey PR

NOW, with our kids all grownups, we enter a new chapter as a couple. New challenges but exciting opportunities as well.

We can now pack our bags and say: we will be back in a few days. We can trust that our job as parents of young kids is done and be comfortable about all that it was taught. We are now able to enjoy ourselves more as a couple and transition into taking care of ourselves rather than running around behind the kids.

This time, Cayey was the host of our celebration. As a surprise, we were both looking for a romantic place to celebrate our anniversary without knowing that we were both looking at the same option.

El Pretexto is a Farm-type Culinary Lodge with friendly hosts, amazing homemade and organic/local dining options, and perfect breakfasts to start your day whatever you want to stay in.

We stayed at the 2 bedroom Villa, second floor and with amazing views

Or you you decide to go out…and explore!

Los Pinos, Cayey PR

The weather was just perfect during our stay. Here in Puerto Rico, living on the coast we are used to high temperatures, so it was nice having the cool weather of the mountains for a change as a companion.

We requested the dinner service for the first night of our stay. Every option was homemade and with local produce. You could taste the love.

Macadamia/Coconut Cauliflower soup! It was my favorite.

I was not expecting it AT ALL. There was a pink gift bag on the table for the entire dinner service. Suddenly it was time to open it and when I did it was an amazing, custom-made Gold Rose Diamond ring that Josue designed and had engraved for our anniversary as a gift. And for those who know me, I do not fancy expensive, over-the-top gifts, BUT this ring means more than money. It means that we made it this far, that we are in a good place and that our struggles and battles made us who we are now: a STRONG couple with ups and downs but ALWAYS putting love first.

I know we are made for each other and the look on Josue’s eyes when he gave me the ring was another confirmation.

“Baby, if I had to choose my best day ever, my finest hour, my wildest dream come true…mine would be you.”

On dreams come true, Blake Shelton

Couples are unique as they come. There is no right or wrong way to do things. Yes, there are social rules that some follow but for me, it is more about respect and finding out what works for us.

We found ourselves after having separate lives. We both had children from previous relationships, now, together, have the honor to have raised together. We, by choice, decide every morning to stay together. To find new ways together. To continue to grow old together and to have that luxury is amazing.

I can not wait to see what life have for us. And to see our dreams and plans develop, side by side with you! Cheers Honey, for many more years to come. I am a lucky gal.



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