Celebrate like a Local

Celebrate like a Local

January 27, 2021 Uncategorized 0

I choose to work as an EVENT planner because I love the industry and what Puerto Rico have to offer.

And choose to be a WEDDING planner because making dreams come true is the best job ever. Is not always easy but when you have the qualities and resources, and your event came out as planned it is so gratifying!

If you want your event to have the local flair YOU NEED to hire someone who knows the area and knows how and where to celebrate according to your needs.

I Live where you Vacation

Whenever I have the opportunity I go out. (now with COVID precautions) But having vast knowledge of the restaurants, venues, hotels, haciendas, landscape and more, gives you the vision needed to create the perfect options for your event.

Puerto Rico is amazing all year round!

Blue Sky February 2021

Blue skies, warm water and gorgeous rain forest. Hills, mountains and lakes…

Come visit and whenever your ready to start planning: just relax while we plan and execute. I can assure you we will make your event awesome!


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